Dylan & Scruggs Sing at Bob's Home


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David Hoffman is one of America's premiere documentary filmmakers. His 125 reality shows have appeared on PBS, Turner Broadcasting and The Discovery Channel, NOVA, The American Experience, and National Geographic.

Says Hoffman: "This film could not have been made without Amram Nowak and Harry Wiland. Harry conceived the idea and was its producer. Amram supported it through his company, Amram Nowak Associates. I want to thank them both-- and all of the musicians who gave their time and energy to make this film possible."

This is the first time this film has been released for people to see and hear. There have been bootleg (bad quality) copies sold on eBay for years. They have horrible sound quality and are illegal besides. If you want to see this classic documentary please buy it here.


To see Hoffman's Other Music Films visit his website, www.thehoffmancollection.com




This 90 minute VHS or DVD is Classic Dylan- filmed back in 1971 at his home with Earl Scruggs & his band -- the only time when they were filmed together.

The 1971 Documentary also includes Doc Watson & his boy Merle, Charlie Daniels, Bill Monroe, The Byrds, Joan Baez, The Morris Brothers, and more.

Baez performs her famous imitation of Dylan Singing Love is Just a Four Letter Word, It ain't me Babe, and others.

"Dylan was one of Earl's favorite musicians, and Bob clearly felt the same way about Earl. Wonderful recording. Wonderful music."

Timmy Page- Music Critic: Newsday.