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Guerrilla Media: A Citizen's Guide to Using the Electronic Media for Social Change

In this ground-breaking program, master communicator Tony Schwartz shows how individual citizens and groups of any size can use video and audio to overcome media power and indifference by using low-cost high-value methods to craft messages for radio and television – inexpensively and effectively. This is Guerrilla Media.

Using the principles described in this program, Schwartz has changed minds, changed laws and changed society for the better over the last forty years. Guerrilla Media defines Schwartz's principles clearly and concisely, illustrating them with his personal case studies from his repertoire of radio and television spots. In effect, the program puts the power of video and audio media into the hands of the people.


"The program helps any 'David' who wants to square off against corporate, media and government Goliaths. Schwartz shows how to get your message across and how it can produce dramatic effects for shockingly little money. " Mark Fleischmann,Newsday

"This Guerrilla Media program is Tony Schwartz's gift to the democratic process." Ed Koch, former Mayor of New York City

"There are very few original ideas in politics, advertising or journalism. Tony Schwartz comes up with original ideas." Senator Warren Rudman (Retired), New Hampshire

"Content: Clear, invigorating and brilliant. A depacification program." Tom Shales, The Washington Post

Running Time: 120 Mins

Format: DVD-R


"Don't use the old tools for today's fight," said Tony Schwartz. That's what this two-hour video program is all about. It is possible for the digital citizen to have access to the media, to change minds, motivate consumers, provoke governments, and create issues.


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